Cordelia Balazs
General information
Also known as

Lady Cordelia






Vampire/Water Warrior


Over 2,000


Western Frontier


Lord of Western Frontier


Sacred Ancestor (Vampire
House of Balazs
Lord Vlad Balazs (Husband)
Baron Byron Balazs (Son)

Powers and Abilities

First Appearance

Pale Fallen Angel

Hideyuki Kikuchi

Lady Cordelia Balazs is a Greater Noble and a member of the Balazs family, the wife of Lord Vlad Balazs and mother to Baron Byron Balazs. She makes her appearance in Pale Fallen Angel.


She has long black tresses, and eyes the same hue as her hair.


When she saved Byron from being killed, she earned the wrath of Lord Vlad, who had Jean de Carriole perform operations on her nature. As a result, her fear of water remains, but she has been made strong enough to live forever trapped underwater. Her true form is held in the subterranean lake under Lord Vlad's Castle, but Jean de Carriole's experiments allow her to walk outside as a doppelganger.

She rescues D when he slips into Vlad's Castle, and gets a wooden needle through the heart, and then brings him back outside. With D, she heads to the mountain stronghold where Vlad has taken refuge. While Byron and Vlad are locked in their family feud, Vlad's scepter pierces her, and she dies. Her doppelganger vanishes when De Carroile's machine is destroyed.

Lady Cordelia's GraveEdit

Baron Byron Balazs asks Galil of the Dark Water Forces: "I suppose even now my mother's grave never wants for flowers, does it?" The answer from the reluctant Galil is that Lord Vlad had it destroyed. Lady Cordelia Balazs had asked Lord Vlad to construct it to give her son Byron some piece of mind, yet Vlad destroyed it soon afterward.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Physical Stats of a Greater Noble

Water Manipulation

Elemental Empowerment(Water)


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