The Lang Farm is located on the outskirts of Ransylva. It is home to Doris & Dan Lang.


Lang farm was at the base of a hill about thirty minutes at a gallop where the D and Doris happened to meet. Their home was a farm surrounded by the Great Earth Restoration Project three millennia earlier. At the center was the main house,constructed of wood and tensile plastics. The house was surrounded by scattered stables, animal pens, and protein-synthesizing vegetation in orchards consisting mainly of thermo-regulators fastened to reinforced sheets of waterproof material. The orchards alone covered five acres, and second-hand robots were responsible for harvesting the protein produced there. Hauling it away was a job for the humans. In front of the main house was long hitching post where Doris had tethered her horse. 

In order to keep all kinds of strange visitors from sneaking onto the farm while both Lang children were away, they had to have some way to erect the force field from the outside. Acquired secondhand off a black market in the Capital shortly after their father’s death four years ago, the barrier was their greatest treasure except, of course, for the rare occasions when it broke down. Their losses to the wraiths and rabid beasts that wandered the night were far less than those of other homes on the periphery; to be more exact, their losses were practically nonexistent. But the purchase came with a price. After they bought it, they were left with less than a third of their father’s life savings.

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