Lawrence is an android vampire and the captain of an ship called The Crimson Ship. The victims of ship's raid where turned into pseudo-nobility, and wandered the bottom of the oceans until they are called into action by Lawrence during his coastal town raids.

He makes his appereance in The Wanderer's Ship

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Lawrence has the ability to turn his targets into liquid.


Lawrence was blessed with a youthful and handsome look, sporting perfect white teeth, even though those teeth where fangs. With a skipper's cap and electrically heated coat he definitely had the attire of a captain of a ship, sporting a pipe and a huge iron hook in place of an arm. But it looked strangely awkward because Lawrence might have been a tad bit to youthful to be sporting such look.

Lawrence lit his pipe with matches. He lit in a manner that seemed at once both practiced and weary. Once lit the pipe puffed purple smoke.