The lance of the Noble Greylancer. It's made through the combined super science and deep mystical knowledge of the Nobility. It looks like a standard lance made of a mystical super durable metal. He uses it to cut through targets at or near light speed at the very least.

Noble V Greylancer vol 2

Swinging his weapon of choice the lance several explosions erupted in the vacuum around him. when the blades traveling at super sonic speed made contact with the lance, the convergence of the two opposing forces disintegrated the blades. Blue electromagnetic waves and ash scattered everywhere. At what speed was such a feat possible? With what force?

It discharges a purple streak colored particle beam hitting a target and boring a 5-meter-long trench in the ground making no noise in it's wake. Probably an anti-proton beam that destroys all matter. He also seems to have much more than one of these as a back up in the vast greylancer armory.

Also has the ability to reverse attacks back onto others who attack. Most likely forged by Varossa  his personal weapons crafter.

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