"The Humans don't deserve such a great witch doctor"
Black Knight[src]

Mama Kipsch an old woman who lives in a house on the edge of the village of Sacri. The sign on the door
Mama Kipsch with Elena 001

Mama Kipsch with Elena in he dispensary

declares she is a witch doctor from The Rose Princess.


She's a tough old bird, having received two artificial hearts, but she doesn't think she will survive a third. Her grandson is the one who resists the Princess. and brings her wrath down on Sacri in the first place, and D to tell her of his fate. She runs a dispensary out of a back room in her house that not even the past mayors have been allowed to see. When Elena is the first visitor allowed in there in fifty years she relates events she witnessed at the castle while watching Mama Kipsch prepare a treatment  for the people who've been blessed with the Princess's vampire rose(Rose Kiss of Nobility).

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