"Marcus clan... They are considered skillful borderland hunters. They have killed at least a three-digit number of nobles... They are ruthless! Rumored that no one, who hunted the same nobility as they... are now left alive to tell about it. Which would also mean... you better be on your guard."
Left Hand about Marcus clan[src]

The Marcus Clan are a group of notorious Vampire Hunters.

 Media AdaptationsEdit

Hideyuki Kikuchi's Vampire Hunter D Vol. 3Edit

In the Novel the Marcus Clan is a group of Vampire Hunters thought to be the best known and have the highest success in hunting the Nobility in history next to D. As a group though they are on top as no other group has nearly the same amount of hunts under their belt. The parents of the family have used genetic augmentation techniques  on the group giving the them many skills and special powers of superhuman ability.

Vampire Hunter D: BloodlustEdit


In the Movie the same applies as they are a group of notorious and highly successful but not necessarily the best as that is not said. While most are family members Leila reveals that she is not an actual family member. Their genetic augmentation is not stated like the book but implied in many ways showing alot of the skills from the Novel.

Vampire Hunter D video gameEdit

The game is mostly based on the Movie. While Nolt, Kyle, and Groveck, make cameo appearances in the beginning they are not integral to the story and just later showed killed at one point int he story. Leila and Borgoff have many appearances and are integral to the story.


Marcus's Age and Status.
Name Age Status


Borgoff Marcus

Over 25 Destroyed


Nolt Marcus

Older than 23 Deceased


Groveck Marcus

Older than 23 Deceased


Kyle Marcus

Older than 20 Deceased


Leila Marcus

Over 20 Alive

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