"Would you care for a smoke? We tried using the energy source from one of the OSB's energy emitters to aid plant growth. You may find it to your liking."--Vlijmen Mayerling

"No, It's a cancer risk...."

Lord GreylancerNoble V: Greylancer|[src]]]

Cigars developed by Vlijmen Mayerling. They may have spread through out the Nobility since being developed as Nobles such as Baron Mitterhaus are described as having cigars in his possession. Using radiation discovered in the OSB's star system Vlijmen Mayerling uses it as an energy source to help aid plant growth of tabacco.

Like most cigars its rolled with paper cutting the end with a cutter, he lights the end with a lighter. Taking  a satifying long drag and blowing out the blue smoke inhaled. 

While Greylancer jests about the cancer risk, tobacco, the OSB star system radiation, or any other radiation has no affect on Vampires. Human technology has afforded a cure to cancer and most other diseases as well. 


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