The Mayor of Razin's name is never given. He is the father of Vigne and could be considered the adopted Father of The Weapons Master of Razin.


As mayor of the most renown weapons crafting village in the Southern Frontier , he over sees the development and use of all items in the village. He seems very well respected in the village who honor his edicts with out question though they may seem somewhat controversial. During the famine the village went through a baby was left on the gates of Razin when the guards were changing shifts. Usually during a famine when they needed to conserve as much food as possible it would be out of the question to take in the child, and would have been left out to die. Instead the may ordered the child be taken in on the official order from him that she might one day prove to be a valuable addition to the village. The baby was named Eris and she was raised by a Widow in the village. All the expenses of the child he took care of personally. It was him who suggested after see her extraordinary physical prowess and mental acuity that she become the weapons master of the village. He also brought the idea to her that she be further enhanced with cyborg technology. She along with him are now privy to the most dangerous and top secret weapons and items in the village which they leave to him to regulate. He also brought in Greed when he was looking for a job to work on his farm, and hand picked him to become a warrior later when they were training new recruits. He's killed by Eris  when she is taken over by Curio's word, shot in the heart. May have been taking control over by Curio when he takes control over the dead Villagers with his word.


Aceess to all the weapons and equipment in Razin



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