Meat beasts are a rare species created by the Nobility to frighten Humans, but are instead used by farmers as cattle.


Meat beasts are 7 feet long, and weigh fifteen hundred pounds each. They have barrel-shaped breasts covered with armor like plates to protect themselves. Their snouts are reminiscent of power shovels with a pair of curved buckets, which were actually their upper and lower jaws loaded with massive molars. Nothing is tastier on a dinner table. They are a great source of food because as long as the beast isnt fatally wounded, the flesh that'd been carved from it would begin growing back twelve hours later, while they feel no pain and dont resist. They are really rare to find, and rarely produce offspring, meaning a lack in number. Two meat beasts can feed a whole family continously.


  • Ai-Ling has the largest amount of Meat Beasts in her possesion, with around 30.

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