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Neer (Uncle)

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Sacred Ancestor


Sacred Ancestor

Powers and Abilities

  • Cyborg

  • Longevity

First Appearance

Twin-Shadowed Knight

Hideyuki Kikuchi

Menda is a niece of the old cyborg Neer. Like her uncle, she worked in the Facility in the Great Subsidence (which she refers to as "the subterranean realm") but was nearly driven mad by the cruelty of the experiments conducted there.


She and a number of her associates set the subatomic reactor to overload and fled the facility. After residing in a freezing Village nestled between glaciers for a hundred years, she left when she could no longer resist the Sacred Ancestor's calls to her in her dreams. For the next three centuries she walked across the Frontier, looking like some wandering wraith. Then she settled near a village in the hilly region north of Sedoc. The bizarre experiments she conducted there got her killed by the villagers and her house put to the torch. But the night before that happened, the Sacred Ancestor replaced her heart in a dream, leaving her an undying ghost. As a handmaiden to the Sacred Ancestor, she knows the ways to Muma, but will tell D only if he agrees to destroy the heart the great vampire gave her and allow her spirit to pass on. After an interruption by the sadistic monk Barga, D puts her at peace, and Menda gives him what he needs to get to Muma. Like her uncle's, her name is a corruption of a job she might've had---"mender".

Powers and AbilitiesEdit



Undying Heart

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