Greylancer and Michia
General information







Early Thirties


Northern Frontier Sector


Student (before)


Chief Lanzi (husband)
Lanok (stepson)[1]
Leticia (stepdaughter)[1]

First Appearance

Noble V: Greylancer

Hideyuki Kikuchi
"My have I waited for this moment. Take me where you will. Turn me into whatever you please. It has been my wish to die by your hand, ever since you rescued me when I was fifteen."

Michia (ミチア) was a human living in the village of Adoz with her husband Chief Lanzi. They have a son named Lanok, and a daughter. Seventeen years ago, she was saved by Lord Greylancer from certain death at the hands of Lord Joyceron.


Michia is a long red haired woman, though a hard life had aged her, she was still in her early thirties.


Living in the village her whole life and going to school there she happens to wonder off during a school trip into a forbidden area. There she trips and falls cutting her finger. The blood is enough to awaken the now long dormant Lord Joyceron. Enticed by the blood and a long unsated hunger he can't help but sate his thirst seeking to drink the young girl whole. The Noble Greylancer, happens by and informs him of his duty to protect his subjects, especially in his domain. Disgusted that he would protect a human from a fellow Noble and is the craze for blood, he does not heed the warnings and is killed with one stroke as stated. Michia gratitude along with the striking features of Greylancer leads her to be completely in love with him ever since.


Her obsession takes shape in the form of cutting her own wrists many times over the years, saving up her blood in case she ever got to see him again for him to taste if it only be just to sample at his will. Insisting on being part of the greeting party when Lord Greylancer visits the village despite her husband's disdain, she coolly tries her best to be of service to him and flirts with him outwardly attempting to make his stay as pleasurable as possible.

When Greylancer returns after killing the OSB he is injured. She takes notice and insists on helping him. She leads him to an area where she had been secretly keeping the blood, she collected in jars telling him why she is so willing. After tasting her blood, he heals instantly from the damage done by the Ghost Archer and his Iron Arrows. As they are talking and about to indulge in pleasure, they are caught by her husband. Her son organizes a group to take revenge on the Overlord. After some fighting, Greylancer is forced to strike down the wayward son, but Michia steps in front of him shielding her son, and is killed. He laments on her death surprised at the level of connection he has made with a human indicating he had a strong affection as well even beyond his understanding.


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