Mina the Fair (美奈, Mina)
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D's mother in the Manga volume 2

 is the name of a woman that supposedly lived ten thousand years ago, in the Land of Angles, according to the rumors among the Greater Nobility. It was said that she was greatly desired by the Sacred Ancestor, but failed to attain her. According to Count Magnus Lee, the Sacred Ancestor found her blood to be "sweeter and more delectable" than any he had ever tasted, even though he had already "drank from the life founts of thousands of beauties." It was also said that it was due to Mina that the Sacred Ancestor was turned to dust. Vol. 1 - Vampire Hunter D

Background Information and NotesEdit

  • Mina is one of the few characters in the Vampire Hunter series to have a kanji name. The kanji for her name literally means "beautiful", which is the source of her epithet in Kevin Leahy's English translation of the novel.
  • She seems to be the implied mother of D.
  • She may be based on Wilhelmina "Mina" Murray, a character in the Dracula novel.
  • Mina Tepes is the name of a character in another anime series called Dance in the Vampire Bund. Although the Mina in the VHD universe is not described as having taken the surname of Vlad "the impaler" Tepes (Dracula).

D's motherEdit

D 06

D's mother in unnamed illustration

Vampire Hunter D: BloodlustEdit

  • D's mother is seen only briefly in the illusion created by Carmilla, where she is depicted begging D for forgiveness. Her reasons for asking for this are debatable, but it's possible that she's begging forgiveness for allowing him to come into existence for experimentation, and to live the solitary life he lives now.
  • D's mother is possibly a beautiful young woman. She is depicted in Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust through Carmilla's illusion with long black hair, and wearing a white dress, necklace and bracelet, but the illusion does not depict her face.

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