Miriam Sarai is an ex-member of the Black Death Gang. An expert marksman and huntress. She is the protegé of Codo Graham , who tutored her in the ways of hunting. She is an excellent marksman capable of shooting her prey miles off, when it just looks she's shooting a phantom.

Born in the Wester frontier sector, she only lived with her parents for five years. It has been said her parents hunted for living. One day a posse came lookin for the thieves who'd hit a transport plane, which was supposedly done by Miriam's father. They shot her parents dead before her eyes and went on to violate the five year old Miriam, before they left. She left her house and headed into the mountains taking with her a gun and ammunition, with the intention to work on her marksmanship to take revenge on the posse. She forgot to bring along food, but was saved by the Black Death Gang. Until the age of ten she practised shooting with them and got damned good at it. She then went out to track down her parents' killers and gunned them down. She heard the last of them was supposed to live in the village of Geneve, she settled down there and waited for his return.

She makes his appearance in Scenes From An Unholy War.


Her 50. caliber hunting rifle, judging from it's length Miriam's gun had a range in excess of two miles.

Blowing on her wistle would summon her great eagle, that would fetch her prey for her.

She also carries around a leather satchel of ammunition.

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