Miska listening to her music box 001
Miska Drake
General information





Height: ?
Weight: ?
Eyes: Golden Brown,
Nature Active),
Golden Gleam(Destroyer
Dress: Flowing White
Build: Hourglass Figure




Over 1,000


Western Frontier


Lord of Western Frontier


Sacred Ancestor (Vampire
Duke Cornelius Drake
Unnamed parents

Powers and Abilities
First Appearance

Pale Fallen Angel

Hideyuki Kikuchi
"Shin-ai.....How ridiculous!"

Miska Drake is the overbearing pure blood granddaughter of the former high ranking Lord of the Western Frontier. She makes her appearance in Pale Fallen Angel.


Wears a white dress and has flowing black tresses. She has neat little eyebrows like willow leaves, eyes, as dark as a holy knight with a golden shade of brown in the light, and a nose and lips that are beautifully delicate, with every tiny wrinkle and crease of the latter so sharp they burn themselves into the retinas of all who see them. Her entire body is also shrouded in white phosphorescence. When possessed by the Destroyer, Miska has a golden gleam in her eyes that replaces the vermilion of her vampire nature.


Her grandfather told her he'd left something important for her at Fisher Lagoon's ---an ancient metal censer he gave to Fisher Lagoon ten years ago, when Lagoon acted as his bodyguard during a call with Lord Vlad Balazs. If someone were to come for the censer with proof of her kinship, Lagoon was to hand it over with due haste and render what aid he could. Drake gave the man a vast sum in precious metal in return for the service.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Fog of Death- She can produce a fog from the blood of others that will dissolve flesh and bones and paralyze Nobles.

Blood Bubbles- When possessed by the destroyer, massive bubbles she spits out that trap the enemy in.

Blast- When possessed by the Destroyer Invisible blast possibly the same blue light attack that Vince inhabited Destroyer does, erasing the target from existence. Miska's blast did not leave even a heat shimmer behind when D arrived.



Shin-ai- a golden disk she carries, has a  dance held by the Nobility many millennia ago.

Censer- a tiny old, object left to Miska by her grandfather, Duke Cornelius Drake. One of the secret means to reach Shangri-la.

Miska's Coffin


Shangri-la- a safe haven for Nobility defeated in battles against their Fellow Nobles (Shagri-la wine is the same wine D orders in a bar.)


Miska's Carriage

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