The fortress Lord Vlad has on the slopes of Mount Blade, three miles from his main castle. A stairway with three thousands steps leads up to the main gate. Apelike Mountain Folk armed with hatchets and sickles serve as guards outside the strong hold. Though not as spacious as the one he has in the main castle in Krauhausen, Jean de Carriole has a lab there. Half of that lab can be propelled outside by a jet engine set in the wall. Below ground is the resting place of the Balazs clan. The holes in the majestically towering walls of stone are filled with a systematically arrangement of gorgeously adorned coffins. A number of gates distorted into shapes that are practically impossible in three-dimensional space lea to a graveyard with an especially high ceiling. Atop a waist high dais sits a luxurious coffin the likes of which won't be found even in the places of the Capital: Vlad Balazs grave

Also refers the place that held Dynus and powered him. He was modified there given his powers. Not the same place as lord Vlad, but a similar stronghold.

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