Mrs. Belsen
General information







Western Frontier Sector


Mr. Belsen (Husband)
Arrow Belsen (Adoptive son)
Leticia Belsen (Adoptive daughter)

First Appearance

Noble V: Greylancer

Hideyuki Kikuchi

Mrs. Belsen is the wife of Mr. Belsen and adoptive mother of Arrow Belsen and Leticia Belsen.


Somewhere after defeat ghost spiders by Arrow, Leticia invites Greylancer to come back and spend the night and have dinner. Both men unable to resist the lovely girl's entreaty, agree, and get on the wagon and leave.

When they arrive, they are greeted by Mr. and Mrs Belsen, who are very understanding and know their daughter's way of inviting people over and can't help but accommodate her and have grown to be a norm in the family. Later on at dinner Arrow reveals he wants to join the Nobility Guard.

After dinner is finished and they settle down for the night giving Greylancer a place in the barn to sleep they are attacked by surviving ghost spiders who have taken the identities of their adoptive parents. Greylancer and Arrow meeting the attack head on, he later informs Leticia that he has avenged their deaths.

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