A form unique to Mashira in the Blood Lust Movie. He seems to maintain a constant Werewolf Form that allows super human stats. His stats are further amplified by this mutated werewolf form especially since the Countenanced Carbuncle  in his stomach also seems to mutate adding to his stats possiblly giving him more than many times the power of a normal werewolf form.

Physical Stats include:

Intelligence- Seemed to have higher amount of inteligence and can formulate complex strategy and predict the movments of enemies many steps a head of them in battle and counter them.

Immortality- Immune to dying of old age, and most conventional means. Further amplified in this state.

Regeneration - The level of regeneration among Vampires far surpasses even those with regenerating powers of Vince and even most common vampires. This form would give him regneration at 

Mashira Mutated Wolf Form

least on par with a Greater Noble or more.

Superhuman Accuracy - instantly become expert marksmen even if they never picked up or used a gun or other projectile type weapons.

Superhuman Strength - Strength is well beyond all humans. Even those with high quality Combat Suits who can amplify strength hundreds some thousands of times. Cyborgs are also considered stronger than any combat suit and Vampires outclass them as well. His strength would be into the many hundred of tons most likely at the very least.

Superhuman Speed- Speed increases dramatically. Can out run bullets and kill groups of armed men before they have time to react.

Superhuman Reflexes

Mashira's Werewol Vision
Superhuman Agility - Well beyond any gymnast, enhanced humans, putting him well into the super human ranges.

Superhuman Sense - All senses such as sight, smell, taste, touch, balance etc. are all super human. His werewolf vision would be amplified as well.

Supernatural Sense- their supernatural sense is highly developed can perceive the supernatural energy of most beings and converse with metaphysical beings.

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