A cyborg servant of the Nobility working as an engineer.


An old man about Mia Simon's height. He has a beard on his chin and looks to be about seventy years old. His skin is covered in wrinkles and so filthy it has a black luster to it.


On trying to recall his name, all he comes up with is the last part of the title. He's lived in the facility in the great subsistence for five thousand years, and believes the shape his thoughts take in the viewing chamber to be a god. He wishes to sacrifice Mia to this god, but is interrupted by D and the fake D. The monster produced by his crazed mind ultimately blasts him with its high-energy waves, and he dies with Mia holding his hand. But before he dies, he tells D about his niece Menda---the next link in the search for Muma.

Monster Produced by a Crazed MindEdit

The creature that attacks D and the others in the observation chamber in the facility. Machinery there creates a glowing form out of light. The face of"the master of the chamber" can be seen in that light. The light is filled with enough destructive energy to overwhelm the defensive systems of the Fake D's body. The light actually takes the form of the person in the chamber, although mad old Neer believes it to be a God of his own creation.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit



Master Technician