Nobility's CoffinsEdit


A Coffin not only serves as a resting place for the Nobility, but also as a home or an escape pod. Fifty years previously a study had been done on an old grave yard. Nearly two hundred of the coffins unearthed were equipped with circuitry that expanded dimensions, and a number of those were still operating perfectly. There are even records of Nobility who went their entire lives with out ever setting foot outside their coffins.

Miska's CoffinEdit

A coffin equipped with defensive devices, such as a laser that fires hundred-thousand-degree beams at anyone who're not a Noble. When D goes to put Miska back into her coffin, half of the defenses are tripped, leaving his long coat smoking. Baron Byron Balazs apologized for putting D in that position----an error he most likely makes because the Hunter is so incredible the Baron has trouble remembering he's not a Full-blooded Noble.

Circuitry to Expand Interior DimensionsEdit

A device commonly employed in the coffins of the Nobility. Expands the interior dimensions of a coffin. That space can be used how ever the Noble wishes, to have palatial garden or an endless sea. Fifty years previously a study had been conducted on part of an old graveyard, and nearly two hundred of them had circuitry that expanded the interior dimensions. Researchers have been lost forever in some of these coffins.

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