A chain of mountains. The highest peak is Mount North Lake at fifteen thousand feet, and another seven in the ten-thousand-foot range. As soon as D stabs into the gate to Muma, the mountain range is leveled in two seconds, leaving the Highway of the Dead in it's place.

"In the begining, there was a chain of mountains. It's call the North Lake Mountain range, and it's on maps and everything. The highest peak  is Mount North Lake at fifteen thousand feet, and another seven in the ten-thousand-foot range. And all of it, just like that----well, I'd  say it coundn't have taken two seconds for them to be laid flat."Twin D

"Laid flat?"

"That's right,"Mia said. "It was just like a dream. That huge moutain range shook just like it was an illusion, its lines blured, and in an instant it was turned flat. Then after that, this plain formed."

What the power of Mother Nature had raised tens of millions of years earlier had now become this smooth expanse of earth and stones. Where had the other billions, nay, trillions of tons of rock and soil gone? Had the gate D stabbed into been the North Lake Mountain Range? The mystery had been transformed into a desolate plain slumbering in the light of the moon.

As the blade glided forward, the thrust was perfect, the tip formed a right angle to the door as it slid in as smoothely as if he were stabing a mirage. All the energy in this world was channeled through D's body and into the blade in a spilt second.

The Gate grew indistinct, losing it's shape and allowing the scene beyond it  to come into view. A vast wilderness stretching into the twilight. D had realized that this was simultaneously the world that he presently occupied and the real world. Fact and fiction were in complete agreement.

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