"I am Greylancer, your successor as overlord of this sector."--Lord Greylancer

"I know you, Greylancer, I have felt the passing of time from inside my grave. I have known about you since your youth. Do not interfere."

Lord JoyceronNoble V: Greylancer|[src]]]

The sector of the Frontier that is ruled by Lord Greylancer as it's Overseer. He replaces the former overlord Lord Joyceron. Unlike when humans take over power of the Frontier, this area is a a bit smaller but still vast. In human rule there is no Central Frontier, but in the vampire rule there is a distinct Central Frontier Sector, it has not been mentiioned yet  the difference in Noble V: Greylancer but it was mentioned in Tyrant's Stars.

The Capital City is Bistoria.

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