Origa the Sorceress 001
General information
Also known as

The Sorceress






Eyes:Eye patch, missing eye
Build:Advanced Age




Over 80





Powers and Abilities
First Appearance

Twin-Shadowed Knight

Hideyuki Kikuchi
"To be calling on the home of Origa, the greatest sorceress in the southern Frontier, at this hour, you must be prepared to sacrifice your life.....if not your very soul."
Origa the SorceressTwin-Shadowed Knight|[src]]]

Origa a resident  of the village of Gilhagen and the greatest sorceress in the Southern Frontier. Also known as "Origa the Sorceress."


Standing there with a soot—stained lamp in hand was a gray-haired crone with a face that looks like leather pasted on a skull. A black leaf that serves as an eye patch covers her left eye. She spoke opening a crack of a mouth, her voice was like a chill wind gusting from a dark grotto. D’s left hand rose before the crone’s eyes, which were rocked by puzzlement. There was no glove on it. When he reached across the table and touched that hand to her right temple, the crone’s body arched in her chair. Here expression changed. The fluctuations came at intervals of a fraction of a second. Anger, hatred, fear, joy, and finally sadness skimmed ruthlessly across her deeply wrinkled face, hammering her, teasing her, and then leaving. Somewhere, the lid of a pot rattled quietly. Apparently she was boiling medicinal herbs. Before it rattled a second time, the crone sat back in her chair normally. Her whole body was suffused by a mysterious kind of peace unconnected to the relaxation of her muscles, and tears rolled from her eyes. “Lie down,” the crone told D, gesturing to the bed. She then took a bamboo flute out of a niche in the wall.


She specializes in using her "returning flute" to restore lost memories. Humans, horses, birds, flame beasts, shadow eaters----she can slip into the memories of any natural or supernatural creature and make them remember the past. In the process of returning someone's memories her body contorts, and she might shed as much as a tenth of her body weight to dehydration.  She doesn't do this for just anyone though at first she needed a great deal of convincing to even consider it for D. She met D when she was five, and he cut down almost thirty bandits before her eyes-----the only memory she has from her past. She's torn apart by Yuma for having possibly learned the name of Muma

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Greatest Sorceress in the South Frontier


Returning Flute

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