General information





Height:Over 6'5"

Weight: 450 pounds

Eyes:One Normal,
Electornic Eye
eye patch


Clothes:Deputy Style, Badge



Pseudo Vampire






Black Death Gang

Favorite Drink(s)

Wild Cobra Whiskey


Sheriff Rust(Formerly)



Powers and Abilities
  • Enhanced Human
    Physical Ability
First Appearance

Scenes From An
Unholy War

Hideyuki Kikuchi
Palau is  one of the mercenaries hired by the town of Geneve. Together with D, Gil and Josh, Palau form the Surgical Strike Team formed to create havoc at the Black Death Gang camp.

He makes his appearance in Scenes From An Unholy War.


Palau is a enormously build mercenary that weighs around 450 pounds. Over his massively build body he wore a combat vest with weapons ammo hanging from it. From his chest being a deputy, he had a shinny deputy badge stuck to his left pectoral. He was a enormous man that looked like he weighed 450 pounds. His eye-patch conceals a electronic eye that glows green light. 


Like D he is hired as a Deputy under the direct command of Sheriff Rust. Together with D, Josh, and Gil, Gil forms the Surgical Strike Team formed to create havoc at the Black Death Gang camp. The group succeeds in their main goals but it comes with heavy casualties. They are all severely injured or overwhelmed by the enemy in the end. Even D and left hand are temporarily destroyed in the conflict.

After being captured by the Black Death Gang leader Toma, Josh, together with Gil and Palau, is turned into a pseudo vampire and switches sides because of this. He along with Josh return to the village under the guise of having accomplished their mission and being held up as the reason why they didn't return immediately having to combat monsters a beasts after being ambushed several times. They have taken hostage Domon's wife after she was ousted from the village. The guards see through this and the two of them are destroyed in the conflict.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Being a Merc of enormous size he is a very capable and skilled fighter and Warrior well versed in all forms of combat and a wide range of weapons. Physically he is well above average in most areas physical ability.He is further enhanced as a cyborg.

'Regenerative ability'- 'when being damaged new pieces of flesh instantly form to heal his wounds. Because of this he's ideally build for shootouts. When turned he gains the powers of a Pseudo Vampire.


Silenced Automatic Handgun- He has dual wields 2 automatic pistols with silencers resembling sausages.

Combat Backpack- He carries a backpack which contains a small folded up remote controlled reconnaissance airplane.

Remote Controlled Reconnaissance Airplane- Remote Controlled airplane folded out has a wingspan of 3 foot. It comes with remote control. He attaches a hemispherical lens that could send footage directly to his electronic eye.

Timer Explosives- He also carries a explosive charge with timer

Machete- has a machete tucked through the belt that could lop of the head of a steer.

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