"Depending on the level of cohesion of the floating particles, this illusion can approach solidity...enough to launch real missiles or wield a spear. Hmm, you took two hand missiles and still aren't dead?I shall have to take your head off now."
Count BraujouTyrant's Stars 3-4|[src]]]

The ability to make a physical form from the mind/illusion, or from some a metaphysical state through Materialization. The form is immune to physical attack as it can just be rebuilt instantly. The Streda Style seems to be able to kill the person regardless of this though.D can kill things using this form as well with his sword play.

The Illusions of Nobility, Ghost Noble Soldiers, Carmilla, and Chancellor Cornelius are examples of people who use this form Theoretically anyone who can use Materialization should be able to. Count Braujou was the first mentioned to use this. He seemingly does this with some sort of technology or it too is an ability he posses.

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