One of the creatures made by the Nobility's unparalleled knowledge of biology and genetic-engineering techniques. Unlike the bast majority of the artificially created creatures scatter across earth, most varaeties of pixies are exceptionablly amiable. But other varieties, based on Goblins, Pookas, and Imps from ancient, pre-holocaust Ireland, keep the people of the Frontier terrified with their sheer savagery. Some pixies can possess other creatures, and if used properly, the can help make otherwise untamable unicorns clear vast tracts of land or boost the unranium-pellet production of Grimm Hens from one lump every day to three lumps a day. In light of this, some of the more impoverished villages on the Frontier are willing to assume the risks of breeding these sorts of creatures, as was done are one time in the village of Tepes in their Pixie-Breeding Facility.

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