"In four days' time, on the Sacred Ancestor's birthday, the Privy Council Ministry has decided to wipe out the OSB vanguard lurking all across this world. Their plan to attack is to carry out a plasma attack on the locations where the OSB infiltrators are believed to be hiding. Plasma weapons are only fatal to OSB and local human populations. I suspect the decree will be handed down tomorrow or the day after." --Zeus Macula

"That's absurd!"--Vlijmen Mayerling

"I assume your outrage is directed at the Privy Council who chose to slight us."

Zeus MaculaNoble V: Greylancer|[src]]]

A powerfull cannon that has the range to fire upon any area in the world from the Capital. Vampires are immune to such attacks and will just regenerate. While all other known creatures will be immolated on the molecular level.

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