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Height: Unknown

Weight: Unknown

Eyes: Silver

Hair: Grey

- Standard suit,
- Hat

Build: Curved






Rest Stop Owner


Unnamed parents

First Appearance

VHD: Blood Lust

Hideyuki Kikuchi
"I may be just an Old Fool now, stranger, but I can never forget a face like yours."

Polk (ポルク) is a character from Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust. He is an old engineer and cyborg horse salesman from a town of Garucia where he owns the rest stop.


Polk is an older man with a rather aged curved body. He had silver eyes and grey hair with poor mustache and wears glasses. His attire consists of a faded white long-sleeve dress shirt with a dark leather welding apron over it. He also wears an olive green newsboy cap, protective gloves, short bright purple pants, and boots.


He will appear as an indifferent old man, which pay attention only to his work, while the buyer has to pay or can go. When the local sheriff come to exile D, Polk says that he paid and he has right to take it. He had always felt guilty, however, because instead of rewarding the hunter, the townsfolk chased him from that town. He is grateful to D for saving him, and let him go in peace.


Vampire Hunter D: BloodlustEdit

When he was a child, Polk was one of ten children who were kidnapped by vampires. Townspeople pooled their money to hire a best vampire hunter. He and the other children were rescued from vampires and safely back home. But in the end, people attacked the man because his half vampire nature and expel him right out of the town.

Polk is the owner of rest stop in a town in which both D and the Markus brothers pass through on the hunt. Polk and D cross paths once again during the events of the movie, while D is being harassed by the local Sheriff and his people. Polk points a large rifle at the Sheriff and his deputies, allowing D leave peacefully with his newly purchased cyborg horse.

Personal EquipmentEdit

Rest Stops- Along the highway where travelers can obtain a Cyborg Horse or energy bikes. Polk own one in his town, where work and sell Cyborg Horses.

Cyborg Horses

Laser Rifle



  • (To Sheriff) " I can tell you, I won't think twice about using this weapon. I might even enjoy it.".
  • (To D) "And I always felt bad about that. The way you was treated. How nobody stopped ya; nobody thanked you. Instead the ignorant bastards, ran you right out of our town!".


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