Portrait of Ixobel is a short story found in Coffin: The Art of Vampire Hunter D.


The year is 12,090. The light had attempted to destroy the darkness. After the final war a new race of "aristocrats" -vampires- had seized the leadership of mankind. But then the vampires, for some unknown reason, went into a decline; one after another they fill into oblivion. A few remained, however, with demons that they themselves had created -- the survived together with these artificial devils in a corner of the borderlands, where people live in icy fear. The Flame Dragon, the Mist Monsters, the Evil Ghosts -- among people unable to defend themselves against incursions by these terrible creatures there arose a group of demon-quelling professional "hunters". Among them was one Danpeal in whose veins the blood of humans and "aristocrats" is mixed, the ideal vampire hunter.

Soon tales of a supremely beautiful young man were on everyone's lips......

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