An itiherant warrior, who is grouped with Bijima the Second Stomach and Kurt.

In "Dark Nocturne", Price is described as a very handsome young man but is also conceited, with blonde hair and blue eyes. He is also describe as someone who would "sign on for killing women and children so long as there was a paycheck in it".

He comes to the village of Anise in pursuit of the song he heard in his mother's womb. Price is then hired by the Mayor of Anise, along with D, to investigate an abandoned mansion once used by the Nobility.


Price has an ability refered to as "evil eyes", an attack where a demonic red light will radiate from his pupils and blind his enemy. He uses this attack on D and the hunter is left blind for the remainder of the story.

Price is also able to imitate the Nobility's Dark Nocturne song.

Weaponary Edit

Price can setup a trap consisting of multiple crossbows, rigged by a wire.