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appearance in the Dark Road
Baron Schuma
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Over 4,000


Southern Frontier Sector


Lord of Southern Frontier


Sacred Ancestor(Vampire

Vampire Mother(unknown)

Vampire Father(unknown)

Schuma's Uncle

Revived By

Sacred Ancestor

Powers and Abilities
First Appearance

Dark Road

Hideyuki Kikuchi

"I have taken your measure.....You will never defeat D. I leave him to you..."
Baron SchumaDark Road|[src]]]

Baron Schuma  is one of the seven invitees: Greater Nobles summoned by General Gaskell. Makes his appearance in the Dark Road.


He answers the general's summons, in keeping with an agreement between Gaskell and his father. He meets D for a second time in the Accursed Repository, where he explains that he gave Gaskell hints on how to connect different points in space, and in return received the defensive circuits in his walking stick. He fails in the attempt to locate the weapon his uncle made for use against the Sacred Ancestor, and retreats after being stuck with one of Lady Ann's flowers. Furthermore, he flees when he learns General Gaskell expects him to kill himself as one of the four lives Lord Rocamble requires to return at full strength. He waits in the village of Cactus for D's group, hoping to join forces with them. Rocaomble catches up with the baron, cutting him into pieces with a walking stick that mimics Schuma's and destroying him. But he was quite a character while he lasted


His top hat, cape hanging down to his knees, jacket, and bow tie are all vermillion. A neat beard graces his youthful face. In his right hand he holds a blue walking stick.

Schuma's UncleEdit

Baron Shuma's Uncle had super-convert training at the Sacred Ancestor's place and supervised the development of weapons. He was responsible for wiping out the human religious relics hidden behind a waterfall near the village of Krakow. The Nobleman was a bit of a prankster, and even as he worked under the Sacred Ancestor, he developed a weapon to destroy him. But being timid, he was frightened by his creation and hid it in the very same place where he'd wiped out the human religious relics. This hiding place was supposed to be guarded by the same biological weapons that'd been used to melt the ruins.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Space Manipulation

High intelligence

Greater Noble Physical stats


Blue Walking Stick- to stab his enemies with out ever physically touching them.

Sunlight Shielding

Particle Sensor- A sensor that can locate and measure molecular changes. Following the vision of Rosaria that appears at the village of JelkinBaron Schuma is ultimately led by the sensor to the "Accursed Repository".

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