"Fourth was the disappearance of the entire population of a town. One day, everyone in an eastern Frontier village of about twenty thousand suddenly disappeared. It was said that in the saloons, half-empty glassses were let on tables, and smoke still curled from cigarettes, half-turned to ash. A resident who'd just returned from out of town discovered this disappeaance. The situation was the same in every home, making it seem as if they'd all been going about their normal daily routines when something happened that made all of them decide to leave town for good- without stopping to see to anything else."
Count BraujouTyrant's Stars 1-2|[src]]]

Curio the Preacher has the ability to take complete control over all living and non living beings through the power of his word. It seems to work as a form of possession. Those who can resist or are immune to Possession such as D and Valcua seem unaffected by his word. He also seems to have a higher amount of skill and understanding of it's limits than the similar abilities of Callas, or Courbet the Missionary.

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