"Kindly refrain from your jests. This is a priceless item bestowed upon my grand father by the Sacred Ancestor.Is this the same player? Why don't you tell me the name it was given?"--Miska


Left HandPale Fallen Angel|[src]]]
Miska listening to her music box 001

Miska Drake listening to her music box

The pet name of the device Miska Drake owns for playing her golden disks. It looks like a fairly large box studded with jewels. It plays back the sights, sounds, and even the smells recorded on a disk's fifty-thousand-micron memory particles. It takes three seconds for play back to begin, and an old-fashioned kill switch turns it off. Miska uses it to relive a dance held by Nobility several millennia ago. None other than the Sacred Ancestor gave the player to Miska's grandfather, Duke Cornelius Drake. So  the noble woman is incredulous when D seems to recognize it. D's left hand correctly gives its name as "Shin-ai",which means "beloved" in the language of a country that's long since been destroyed(Japan).


One of the golden disks Miska plays has a Noble couple. The husband's name is Adam, and the wife is Micalla. The Karnsteins mention a trip through the stratosphere in an ion ship shaped like a swan, and talk about having their coffins put into orbit around the earth in another five centuries or so.

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