Shrike-blades are crescent shaped throwing blades used by Rei-Ginsei. It resembled the boomerang the ancient natives of Australia used so effectively. Unlike the boomerang, Rei-Ginsei's weapon was razor sharp on both the inner and outer edges.And it was made of iron. Most non-Aborigines had trouble throwing a plain wooden boomerang effectively, yet Rei-Ginsei, as limber as a sapling swaying in the breeze, could throw the iron blades any way he pleased with just one flick of the wrist. His unholy skill lent blades of mere metal the kind of cutting power reserved for magic swords, pushing them through a human body, or the trunk of a tree, or even through stone. Furthermore, they didn't just strike in a straight line. They could come at the target from the right or the left, from above, even from the feet—there seemed to be nowhere they couldn't go. And while it was impossible to defend oneself from even one of these blades, it seemed unlikely there was anyone in the world that could fend off two or three successive attacks, let alone multiple blades thrown at the same time. The iron blades were liable to slice through any shield as easily as they went through their usual prey.

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