Six human guardians of the Elder God. They guard the room just after the Cyclopean Doorway. They
D vs One the Guardian Knights

One of the six Guardian Knights

appear in the Fortress of the Elder God.


Three monk-like statues in hooded robes. The ones to the right of the doorway had their heads lying on the floor at their feet. While the three to the left remained intact. These three begin to move letting out grotesque screams as they writhed on the floor. Little by little they turned back to human form. Colors being that of Dark Blue, yellow, and gray. The others that weren't turned I assume were probably red, green, and ether white or black.


They are the guardians of the Elder God. They are all armed with swords and are extremely skilled. Skilled enough to easily fight D to a standstill. When the Sacred Ancestor pushed past the doorway they were able to wound him. Three of them were beheaded, while the others were turned to stone. When D comes through the door they are able to fight him off making him initially leave the area. He could not take on the three of them with out taking too much damage. One also comes close to killing Bierce but D's arrival gives him the edge he needed to overcome and kill the guardian. 

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Power of God


Sword of God

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