"You can do anything a Noble can do, and your father is special...could it be...your highness is...."
The Holy Knight, Lady Ann[src]

A three-foot long red insect controlled be Grand Duke Mehmet that eats its own body until nothing remains, creating a hole in space. This hole will suck up everything in the area. In other words, one one of these critters shows up, it's like the whole area around it gets blown out the airlock of a spaceship. The only way to close this hole in space is to send another space eater into it. When things are drawn into the hole, the have precisely ten seconds before they're lost to the depths of space. If another space eater opens a hole somewhere else during that time, everything the first sucked up will automatically come out this new hole. Space eaters are not easily trained. It's impossible to predict when one will begin to devour itself. On account of this, the number of incidents where people have been sucked into their holes are innumerable. In addition, no one but the most accomplished insect wranglers would ever attempt to keep and breed them. The techniques of working with space eaters are closely guarded secret that persists only in the world of darkness.

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