"I'm Speeny. Welcome to my battlefield. I hate to do away with such a handsome fellow, but let's just call it my obligation. If I did nothing right now, even a dhampir like you would die. If you returned back to the surface, you'd probably come back to life, but don't worry----I'd stab you though the heart before that could happen."
SpeenyTyrant's Stars 1-2|[src]]]

Speeny the Spider Man is a mutant who is part of Lord Valcua's elite guard, Valcua's Seven.

Speeny the Spider Man

Speeny the Spider Man versus Count Braujou.

General information
Also known as

The Spider Man







Clothes:Tight,Brown Shirt

Build:Man Arachnid




Over 5,000


Nobility's Lunar Palace


Valcua's Seven



Mother(Name Not Given)

Powers and Abilities
  • Enhanced
    Physical Stats
  • Extended Lifespan
  • Highly Skilled
    in hand to hand
First Appearance

Tyrant's Stars 1-2

Hideyuki Kikuchi


A spider-like man with limbs so long and gangly they looked like a spider's. He is dressed in a tight brown shirt and has a visage featuring narrow eyes.


Speeny was born in a lab in the Nobility's Lunar Palace, he grew up in the slums of the moon colony, where he got into murderous brawls of a hundred on one, which he never lost.He makes his appearance in Tyrant's Stars.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Speeny can fire spiderwebs from his fingertips.

He can also spin a thread that will act an alarm system on which Speeny can catch intel on when broken.

Speeny is hanging on a thread that is barely visible to the human eye, if at all. It's connected to a spot on the moon. One of his favorite attacks is pulling his victims one hundred fifty thousand feet up into the stratosphere, and drop them back to earth, letting his victims fall to their deaths from one hundred fifty thousand feet up. The only things that can cut his thread are his fingernail bestowed to Speeny by the great one.

He also has a meteorite attack, where he hurls passing meteorites to earth after catching them with his web.

"Third, there were bodies that had been mashed flat as if they'd been dropped from high in the heavens-that would be Speeny the spider man's handiwork."
Count Braujou[[Tyrant's Stars|[src]]]


Speeny makes use of long thin knives, to throw at his prey while trapped in his web.

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