"But Speeny got his thread from the Great One--how could D cut it?"-Curio

"If anyone could do it, it's him."

Callas the DivaTyrant's Stars 1-2|[src]]]

A thread like substance of nearly indestructible make up which is secreted from Speeny. He uses them as a weapon to ensnare his foes. The web is too thin for most creatures even Nobility to perceive. It has a vast range as Speeny has attached this from a location on the moon. He uses this particular thread to hoist victims up into the stratosphere, which he calls his battlefield. He can drop them from this location back to earth or seemingly transport them to the moon if he desired. It also serves as an early warning if speeny spins the web a certain way he can set up locations that beings will run into with out their knowledge alerting him to who they are.

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