A new source of energy using perpetual power developed be the energy-development center under the direct control of the Sacred Ancestor. Nearly a hundred thousand ageless Nobility literally worked themselves to death during its development, which took about five millenia, and the conditions were so appalling that the Sacred Ancestor himself ordered all accounts of the great undertaking purged . The reactor has the shape of a cylinder rising more than three hundred feet, yet the entire form is subtly twisted in a manner that seems to ignore three-dimensional geometry. The secret to producing an essentially endless supply of energy lies in certain distortions and vibrations. Only three sway reactors were ever constructed, and the locations of all three were absolutely secret. One of them is located in the facility at the bottom of the great subsidence near Sedoc village. It's surrounded by  formidable defenses, such as a billion degree heat ray that pours down on intruders like a shower of gold and an antimatter field that makes anything that touches it cease to exist. The last redoubt is a blood seal that allows only those of the Sacred Ancestor's line to pass. When D passes through it, it triggers a final directive in the computers, and all the energy in the sway reactor is channeled into the black box set in the bottom of the reactor for a millisecond, teleporting the reactor itself to Muma. It it were to explode, it would leave a crater with a radius of seven hundred miles, leaving half the frontier uninhabitable. That's a hole covering 1.5 million square miles, or an area half the size of the contiguous United States.

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