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Tae's unborn child

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Pilgrimage of the
Sacred and the Profane

Volume 5

Hideyuki Kikuchi
"Please...let me stay here,just for tonight.Come tomorrow,i'll manage on my own."
―'Tae' to D[src]

Tae is a character from the Vampire Hunter D novel Pilgrimage of the Sacred and the Profane and is also in Volume 6 of the Vampire Hunter D manga.She is a young human girl who was once kidnapped by a Noble,being rescued by Granny Viper and to be together with them in order to send it back to her family.


Vhd6 tae profile

Tae drawn by Manga Artist. Saiko Takaki.

When she was 10 years old, Tae was kidnapped by a Noble named Marquis Venessiger and brought to the Castle Gradinia where she had been a prisoner for 8 years, totally segregated from the outside world. She was freed by Granny Viper and she will transported back to her family in the town of Barnabas with her help, but she must get there in 4 days or her family will leave town.

Granny Viper hires the Bullow Brothers, Bingo and Clay to protect them as they have to go through a harsh desert. She also wanted to hire Vampire Hunter D but he refused but by coincidence, D was going to the same town as they were. Through her journey, she was curious about D on being a dhampir but D was simply cold-hearted towards her as he kept asking about the Nobility but she refused.

When the group took a rest in the moving forest, D discovered that Tae was pregnant and her unborn child is a dhampir, which was why she was curious about him. She wonders if her child would be a normal dhampir or be just like D.

3 days later, the group made it to Barnabas. Granny Viper sent Tae back to her family. Unfortunately, her presence was unwelcome and she ran away from them. She meets up with D again at night and ask to stay with him. He gave her a blanket for her to sleep in, mostly for her unborn child. D shows his kindness as he states that dhampir children are quite considerate, although there are exceptions.

The next day, after Granny Vipers funeral and the death of the Bullow Brothers, who both died by D's hand, Tae was given money and a ticket for a coach from D. As they both said their farewells, D while walking, turns his back and simply gave her a smile.


  • Ten months and ten days is the amount of time a baby spends in the womb, according to traditional Japanese thinking. In the case of the baby of the owner of the Red Eyes(and Dhampirs in general), the child should be born about six months after Tae noticed the first indications.

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