The home of the experiments conducted by the Sacred Ancestor for thousands of years. Hundreds of thousands of creatures were destroyed there because they retained the vampire's thirst for blood. When the founders of the village of Tepes arrived two hundred years ago, the ruins were already chocked with veins. Suicide squads that produced roughly  sketched maps and studied the hill's ancient history had scaled it several times, but while they were doing  so a number of strange phenomena occurred. Fifty years ago a group of investigators came from the Capital to see it and  they were the last. The ruins sit atop a hill that's a mile and a quarter in diameter the base and roughly sixty feet high. It takes a grown man thirty minutes to climb three feet up the hill(which would mean six hundred minutes or ten hours to the top), but there can run back down it in just two minutes. The cavernous entrance faces the courtyard of the sole remaining stone structure. Inside there are strange machines and pieces of furniture. Corridors adorned with sculptures and paintings lead to a vast room. Beneath the ruins is a massive laboratory. Like the corridor, the lab walls are stonework boulder-fashioned ramparts rising to a height of thirty feet. Desks in rows across the floor are of sturdy hardwood construction and adorned with flasks, beakers, and vials of unsettling-hued liquids----it looks for all the world like the lab of a medieval alchemist. But positioned perfectly among the old-fasioned apparatus are a positron brain an elctro--analyzer, and a mater converter-----the very embodiments of super scientific technology. During the course of Raiser of Gales events at the ruins make it possible to climb the hill  normally. An attempt to destroy the ruins with a computerized tank, however, leads to loss of the  tank, as well as several villagers; apparently some defenses remain at this former castle of the Nobility.

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