The Commander that leads the Sacred Ancestor's forces uses this machine to direct the forces. A Ghost Noble Soldier, possibly a General, or other high ranking soldier. May have a means to replace them quickly if dispatch as when destroyed one they were back in operation the next Day.

On top of a tremendous ten-foot-high dais, a lone man sat in a chair. A construct that closely resembled a silver jungle gym, and the man wore an exhausted expression as he leaned back in his seat. A hand protruded from one sleeve of his long, dark blue robe, and it gripped a glowing metallic rod, two of them---batons. An iron staircase leads to the top of the huge black machine with a handrail. The man in the chair has a pail face as a Noble the lifeless eyes, sunken cheeks, and fangs poking from his lips---any one could see now he was a ghost. Equipped with a Nobility Force Field .
Cthulhus realm by Acrylicdreams-1

Battle Aftermath: Mysterious Symphony--Movement of Destruction

Moving in the chair with the metallic rods in his hands, he delivered a series of blows to the construct that made it shake. The jungle gym like construct transformed changing shaped every time it was struck. It now resembled the model of a molecule(strangely familiar to the big bang accelerator ), then into a geometrical pattern that called to mind a spider web. All the while the man kept moving both hands with out moments rest. He seemed like a possessed,  and impassioned conductor. Continuing it's symphony to its climax once it's directions were inputted the machine relays its complex directions for attack probably along with the movements of automated weapons through out the Army to strike.  May also be a weapon in itself and may fire something as powerful as the big bang accelerator or more powerful.

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