Cthulhus realm by Acrylicdreams-1

Battle ruins near the fort of The Elder God. "The Playground"

The Nobles who controlled the area known as the Playground. While it is true many and most of the nobility recognized and worshiped the Sacred Ancestor as their god , it is also true that there were other deities that they worshiped as well. There was one Deity that was like no other though. This is who they came to worship, the God of Destruction.


These Nobles used to do all kinds of experimentation and modifications to Human, Nobles,  and animal life not even heard of by other Nobles who practiced many of the same cruelty. After accepting the new found enlightenment of the ultimate end to their existence by destroying the world they made many preparations to achieve this goal. Building the research facility and the Living Fortress . They all began a new ritual of hunting these modified creatures and humans once only for enjoyment now became ritual sacrifice to empower their God .


The Illusions of Nobility being a reflection of these nobles: All of them wear golden armor with a pouch on their waist and golden helmets. They also wear Golden Capes. Four armed with spears and a fifth a laser gun.They wear golden disks on their boots that allow them to walk on and be unaffected by the water current of a river when they face of against the group.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Power of God

Hunted CreaturesEdit




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