The Rose Princess
English Title Vampire Hunter D: The Rose Princess
Original title Vampire Hunter 8: D — The Rose Princess
Japanese 吸血鬼ハンター8 D―薔薇姫 (Banpaia Hantā 8: D — Baraki)
Author Hideyuki Kikuchi
Illustrator Yoshitaka Amano
Translator Kevin Leahy
English Publication Data
Publication date November 7, 2007
Published by DH Press, DMP Books
Pages 195
ISBN ISBN 1-59582-109-0
Japanese Publication Data
Publication date January 31, 1994
January 7, 2008
Published by Asahi Sonorama
ISBN ISBN 4-257-76641-7
ISBN 4-02-265509-7
Publication Order
English Volume 9
Japanese Vampire Hunter 8
Preceded by
Mysterious Journey to the North Sea
Followed by
Pale Fallen Angel

The Rose Princess is the ninth novel in the Vampire Hunter series.

Plot SummaryEdit

In Sakuri, a young woman is about to be sacrificed to the vampiric Noblewoman who reigns over the village. But before the princess can drain the life from the woman, a young man tries to slay the vampire. He fails and manages to escape, but in doing so incurs the wrath of the entire town. The citizens of Sakuri have entered into a pact with the Undead princess and her monstrous bodyguards. With the ritual offering disrupted, the vampire's armored bodyguards vow to murder the villagers one by one until the would-be hero is captured.

When Vampire Hunter D learns of the villagers' bargain he knows he faces several almost impossible challenges-can he rid the town of the parasitic demons that plague it? What if Sakuri's inhabitants don't want to be rescued? And can he uncover the secret that even the vampire Noble is afraid to speak?

(Summary taken from Dark Horse Comics)


  • D - Product of the union between a human woman and the Sacred Ancestor of the Nobility, the stoic dhampir D is the most powerful vampire hunter in the world.
  • Left Hand - A powerful symbiote living in D's left hand.
  • Elena - Leader of a fierce motorcycle gang whose family was murdered as a child.
  • The Rose Princess - A beautiful but childlike vampire who rules over the village of Sacri and commands the Four Knights of the Diane Rose.
  • The Blue Knight - One of the Four Knights of the Diane Rose, who's power, cruelty and loyalty to the Rose Princess are well known in the region they guard.
  • The Red Knight- One of the Four Knights of the Diane Rose. Equally cruel as the Blue Knight, he helps to exterminate even the youngest of children without any regret.
  • The Black Knight - One of the Four Knights of the Diane Rose. Most honorable of the Four, he chastises his compatriots when their cruel actions get out of hand. He has great respect for strong warriors and dreams of dying a warrior's death.
  • The White Knight - One of the Four Knights of the Diane Rose and owner of the blade "Slayer". Unlike the other three, he is kept in confinement underground due to his madness.
  • Mama Kipsch - The village witch doctor, whose grandson disappears after attempting to rescue a young maiden from the Rose Princess.


  • Audio Drama - Description.
  • Manga - Description.

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Trivia pertaining to this volume.

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