Like Count Braujou's Great Spear the weapon may have been infused with the Sacred Ancestor's power. And 

  • Sacred Ancestor's Sword from Blood Lust
  • Sacred Ancestor's Sword from Blood Lust
  • Sacred Ancestor's Sword from Blood Lust

like Braujou's weapon can with stand millions of tons of force. It may be stronger than the spear how ever. No description for it's powers are given but seeing how the Sacred Ancestor left it behind for a purpose and now this weapon is some how hendering the Elder God's movement still in the present day, and was used against him in thier battle; it is not far fetched that it has powers of it's own. Affecting the elder it would have to have metaphysical along with physical damaging properties. At the very least it probablly contains the Sacred Ancestor's will.

The blade is described as a long sword as it's style. It's longer in length than D's , thicker, and wider. At the hilt is that of a dragon molded form.

Carmilla character design 3 Xxxxx

Sacred Ancestor's Sword design Blood Lust

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