The Wanderer's Ship is a short story that was conceived as a prize at Hideyuki Kikuchi's Talk Live event hosted in the Kabukicho section of Shinjuku. At these events, he introduced a younger generation of fans to a wide variety of horror and sci-fi films and brings them face-to-face with guests from the world of publishing, animation and film. The event concludes with a drawing that gives the more than one hundred fans in attendance a chance to win signed books, arwork, and other exclusive goodies. The very best is saved for last -- an all new short story handwritten by Mr. Kikuchi set in the world of Vampire Hunter D. The short story has then since been republished in the New York Anime Festival Program Guide (September 26-28,) 2008.

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  • Lawrence (Lawrence is an android vampire and the captain of an ghostship called the Crimson Ship)

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