Tyrant's Stars 3-4
Tyrant's Stars part 3-4 001
English Title Vampire Hunter D: Tyrant's Stars, Parts Three and Four
Original title Vampire Hunter 12: D — Tyrant's Stars 3/4
Japanese 吸血鬼ハンター12 D―邪王星団3/4 (Banpaia Hantā 12: D — Jaō Seidan 3/4)
Author Hideyuki Kikuchi
Illustrator Yoshitaka Amano
Translator Kevin Leahy
English Publication Data
Publication date October 18, 2011
Published by DH Press, DMP Books
Pages 290
ISBN ISBN 1-59582-820-6
Japanese Publication Data
Part Three
Publication date February 28, 2001
January 7, 2008
Published by Asahi Sonorama
ISBN ISBN 4-257-76927-0
ISBN 978-4-022-65521-9
Part Four
Publication date April 30, 2001
January 7, 2008
Published by Asahi Sonorama
ISBN ISBN 4-257-76915-7
ISBN 978-4-02-265520-2
Publication Order
English Volume 17
Japanese Vampire Hunter 12
Preceded by
Tyrant's Stars 1-2
Followed by
Fortress of the Elder God

Vampire Hunter D struggles to uncover the intersteller evil brought to Earth by the Ultimate Noble, rutheless renegade vampire Valcua! Armed with a sword that can cut through the very fabric of space time, Valcua seeks vengence against the descendants of the humans responsible for his thousand-year exile. D must protect the family from Valcua's bloodthristy plans---but this might not be a battle he can win

  • Dark Horse Books and Digital Manga Publishing are proud to present the classic series for the first time to English- speaking fans everywhere!
  • Features gorgeous black-and-white line illustrations by Yoshitaka Amano as well as a color tip-in illustration.

Main Characters Edit

Antagonists Edit

  • Lord Lawrence Valcua The Ultimate Noble (former Supreme Commander in The Sacred Ancestor's Army)
  • Valcua Two (a powerful lifeform created by the Sacred Ancestor and given to Lord Valcua, the creature is an amalgam of the Sacred Ancestor, D and Valcua)
  • Valcua's Seven (Lord Valcua't elite guard)
  • Kima (Lord Valcua's servant and 8th assassin sent after the Dyalhis family)
  • Succubus Squad (a guardian force for Lord Valcua's, on his northern frontier domain)
  • Homunculus Army (an artifical army belonging to Lord Valcua)

Other characters Edit

  • The Weapons Master of Razin (Eris is the adopted daughter of an unnamed widow in the village of Razin. She is an extraordinary physical specimen further amplified by her cyborg enhancements, and The Weapons Master of Razin)
  • Mayor of Razin
  • Greed (a one eyed Warrior from the village of Razin)
  • Duke Harness (deceased husband of Duchess Miranda)
  • General Gaskell (one of the Six Demon Generals, antagonist of the previous Vampire Hunter D installment Dark Road)

Beastiary Edit

Technology Edit

Locations Edit