Caroline Novel version has the power to make "Victims" of organic and inorganic beings. She bites the target and usually drinks of their life's blood. If it's a tree then the sap, if its a machine then the energy or fluid that powers it like gasoline. Once turned they come under her influence and share a sort of mind link with her so much so that if they are damaged she receives some of the damage as well. But with her regenerative powers this is remedied most of the time in seconds. What ever she turns may gain some enhancement from it like a victim would but that is not specified. Once she releases her control it doesn't seem these pieces can move about on their own as that was never depicted in the story. The reason she can do this is most likely due to her being enhanced with sorcery which mutated her natural vampiric nature or her human nature. Those who can resist or are immune to victimization such as other [[dhampirs], vampires, victims etc would not be affected. There are humans who are also highly resistant to being turned like Leila Marcus. It would probably take repeated attempts for it to succeed but this is not clear or absolute either.

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