Mashira's Werewol Vision
A vision that can be activated by Werewolf species it seems while in wolf form. Mashira in the Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust movie seemed to maintain a constant wolf form and exhibited a unique visual prowess than may be common to were wolves that give them the ability to see though objects, discern the make up of an individual, see energy sources, seek abnormalities in structures etc. He uses it to find the other wise undetectable bombs in place by Borgoff Marcus on the bridge then moves them with out them knowing. He then proceeds to attack and kill Kyle Marcus and stops infront of Borgoff who is stunned by his death along with his eye being slashed blinding that eye. Mashira goad s him into activating the bomb where he does and as Borgoff jumps off the bridge to save himself he is confronted with the blast of the bombs that have been moved right where he was going to jump.
Mashira moves the bombs


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