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White Knight
General information
Also known as

Knight of Dianne Rose




Height:Over 6'5"

Weight:Over 250

Armor:Heavenly White,
sheathed head to toe

Build: Mammoth




Over 500


Northern Frontier Sector


The Four Knights
of the Diane Rose





Rose Princess

Powers and Abilities
  • Master
First Appearance

The Rose Princess

Hideyuki Kikuchi

"Oh you wicked man....I must introduce you to Slayer..."
White KnightThe Rose Princess|[src]]]

One of The Four Knights of the Diane Rose, and may be the most powerful and oldest of them all----although he is some what a mystery.


A giant of a warrior he stands over 6 and a half feet tall. Sheathed in armor from the top of his head to the tips of his toes. His breast plate was wide, the pauldrons and vambraces were thick as a tree trunk, with a cape, and he was so tall people would have to look up at him whether he was on horseback or not. The rider's hue was that of the pristine heavens, the blinding gleam of white light . If he were to ride out into battle on his similarly armored and hued mount, he'd be such an imposing sight it was likely the very demons of hell would recoil in horror.


By his own account, he's served the Princess for five hundred years. He wields an animated sword named Slayer. He lives six hundred feet below the princess's manor in an area six miles across and one hundred fifty feet high, where he spends his days honing his skills against Homunculi. When he sees the Rose Princess has unceremoniously dumped the Hunter in that hole, he trembles with delight.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Master Combat Ability- As one of the princess's elite he is a top rate fighter, and is feared most among the Knights.

Physically Enhanced Super Human Stats- All stats physically are beyond humans and maybe many Nobles

Longevity- White Knight being over five hundred years old, all the knights have an extended life span, how much is unknown.


Slayer- The magical living sword the White Knight wields. As the name implies, it's for slaying and stuff. Can negate healing to some degree, not as much as cutting the Fount of life but nearly as much.

White Armor-Their armor is crafted from the veins of the Princess's Roses. Extremely durable.


Cyborg Horse- The had an armored high quality cyborg horse that was white of the exact same shade as the knight.


"The horse seemed to be running in slow motion just to keep pace with her friends as they fled, and on it sat the Black Knight. She’d seen him many times before. And although she found the might of the leader of the four knights as intimidating as always, she had no time for such emotions with him on their tail. He was a veritable grim reaper. But, what would he be doing out here?"
―NarratorThe Rose Princess|[src]]]


White Knight knights end by teamzoth - Copy
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