"Don't Fuck with me Reject!"
Twin DTwin-Shadowed Knight|[src]]]

The men who attack the Twin D in the Factory where Yuma was made. The one referred to as Yuma#2 is shorter than the real Yuma and seems heavier. His movements are slower. Ultimately, twenty-five such rejects appear.They were in the Factory in the middle of the Highway of the Dead.

He's used as a decoy to lure Twin D to the center so they can strike out at him from the most vulnerable position possible. Him being the slowest of the Yumas was the most tactical choice. But as the quote shows.....Twin D is far from impressed. Twin D is ultimate aided by D and all the Yuma rejects are cut down. The Sacred Ancestor used the confusion though to take Mia Simon....leaving her Divining Stick showing the D's the way he took her.

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